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April 24, 2024

Working at Skybound Wealth Management - Bryan Bann

Working at Skybound Wealth Management presents a myriad of opportunities for career development & never has this been more evident than with Bryan Bann

We recently sat down with Bryan Bann, Regional Manager - Europe, to talk about his experience of joining, and working at Skybound Wealth Management.


I originally joined Skybound Wealth Management in 2015, working as an adviser within the Client Services team, which has since evolved into our Global Partners division. The role gave me a great foundation; servicing existing clients whilst learning the ropes, getting familiar with the various requirements and processes involved in global financial planning whilst also allowing me to establish relationships with our many providers.  From there, I progressed to taking on new clients of my own before becoming a Team Leader and, in 2022, I was appointed Regional Manager – Europe based in our Swiss office in Geneva.  


Why Did You Choose Skybound Wealth Management?

Although studying towards a master’s in chemical engineering at a university not too far from home might not seem like a conventional route into the world of international financial planning, I knew at an early stage I wanted to work in financial services and to see more of the world so working at Skybound Wealth Management with offices in mainland Europe, the Middle East and Africa ticked all the boxes.

Continuous Development  

Having joined from outside the industry, I have since become a qualified financial adviser obtaining numerous qualifications in the process. Personal development is very important to me and having just sat an exam last week, I can testify to Skybound Wealth Management's support in this regard.

While working at Skybound Wealth, I have witnessed first-hand the company’s commitment to supporting its people in their development, encouraging all to continue to learn, funding the cost of exams, and providing study materials and tutoring along the way.

In my opinion, in an ever-evolving sector where best practices at the forefront of what we do, this has led us having one of the most technically astute teams in our industry whilst enhancing client outcomes and experiences to an elite level.

From an early age I had a yearning to experience more than the surroundings I grew up in.  That said, I have to admit I chose Geneva over Dubai due to the shorter flight times back to Scotland and the changing seasons!  Both Dubai and Geneva appealed to me in terms of career prospects, quality of life and their international feel – However, being able to swim in Lac Geneve in the summer, and sample the slopes of Portes du Soleil in the winter secured it!


Working with the next generation of Skybound Advisers

Away from advising my own clients, I am very proud of the Academy and Mentorship system that we introduced in Europe a couple of years ago. The sole purpose of this was to ensure that those within our team who wanted to become an adviser, were as prepared as possible to take on the role when the opportunity came along.  Experience tells us it’s a big challenge and we wanted to give people the best chance of success! The Academy structure provides an opportunity for aspiring advisers to observe client meetings, ask questions, provide feedback, better understand the process and client journey and ultimately, build confidence. This has enabled us to not just grow the size of our team organically, but to be extremely targeted in our training as we have been able to clearly identify areas where we can add value.

We have now had half a dozen Academy Graduates become Advisers in the last 18 months, with 95% of them now working in one of our Skybound Wealth offices confident in their ability to do the job, familiar with the process and making a positive and significant impact on the team.  

Tips For Working In Geneva

We’ve all had that ‘How much?!’ moment upon arrival in Geneva, and yes, many things are more expensive than in other regions, but if I had one tip for new arrivals – it would be to not rush or penny pinch when it comes to a new home.  A wise colleague told me to ‘try and find the best place you can afford’.  Finding yourself in a new country, with a new job can be quite overwhelming and it’s important to have a sanctuary you can retire to away from the fast-paced environment of the day.

Why Choose Working With Skybound Wealth Management?

Skybound Wealth Management is a leading international IFA providing global financial planning advice for almost 20 years. With offices in the UK, Switzerland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and USA we are looking after over 10,000 international clients, managing over $1bn AUM.

Whether you are an experienced financial planner looking for a new challenge or have recently graduated from university, Skybound Wealth Management offer a truly unique proposition in the international wealth management space. With an unrivalled support network consisting of the best in compliance, training, back office, recruitment, tech and marketing, joining Skybound allows you to create a future to be proud of whilst living in some of the most amazing places in the world.

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About Bryan Bann

As Regional Manager of Skybound Wealth - Europe, Bryan possesses a vast depth of knowledge on the subject of cross-border financial planning and a track record of developing others working around him.

Putting his technical knowledge and understanding to use, Bryan works in conjunction with his clients to create and implement comprehensive and robust financial plans designed to ensure that the financial future of his clients and their families is secured.

Written By
Bryan Bann
Regional Manager Europe
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