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January 18, 2024

Skybound Wealth Named Best Adviser Firm Middle East

Another year of success sees Skybound scoop 7 awards across three jurisdictions.

Award winning international financial planning advice from Skybound Wealth Management.

Since becoming Skybound Wealth in 2021, our commitment to becoming the adviser and employer of choice has been unwavering. And as we continue to push boundaries in all aspects of the business, we are delighted to once again be recognised by a panel of industry peers seven times at this years’ International Adviser Best Practice Awards.

Sponsored by Morningstar and designed to recognise, showcase and celebrate achievements in embedding best practice within every aspect of a business, from front-line advice to client relationship management, the awards are seen as a benchmark for quality within the financial planning industry.

On collecting the multiple awards, Skybound Wealth said:
“Skybound Wealth’s unparalleled success in the global financial advice sector is a testament to, not just the here and now, but a visionary medium to long term strategy, unwavering resilience during challenging times, and a proven track record of consistent growth. We are proud of our great teams across multiple regions, that give us the ability to adapt, innovate, and meet rising client expectations. These awards, which build upon previous award winning years, are yet more testimony to the professionalism and dedication of our people and it is their work that has been rightly recognised as first in class.”

From the judges:

“The good gets better. An impressive, integrated business that works hard to raise its game.”

As we adapt against an ever evolving landscape, we continue to diversify our proposition to best cater for the needs of international investors through a holistic approach that covers but is not limited to; wealth management, retirement planning and tax optimisation.

Here are just some of the key reasons behind our success:

Client-centric Approach

The launch of bespoke systems has allowed us to take our personalised client servicing to the next level by increasing accessibility and transparency while driving education and empowerment of our clients.

Growth and Expansion

In the last year, while we have continued to invest in our core proposition through new licences, model portfolios, and more; we continue to integrate new products and solutions to allow our advisors to serve their clients better.

Compliance and Risk Management

Maintaining a robust compliance framework and proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks to ensure we remain aligned with regional regulations and safeguard client investments.

Mike Coady, Director commented:

“Our dedication to delivering personalised, high quality financial advice is what places us at the pinnacle of our industry and makes us a trusted partner for international investors in the uber-competive middle east region.”

From the judges:

“A sound strategy that has enabled the firm to build on its already successful track record. No resting on laurels here.”

Our unparalleled success in the global financial advice sector is a testament to a visionary long term strategy that whilst constantly evolving, remains underpinned by our vision, mission and values.

Central to our long term plan is our commitment to:

Employee Well-being

Skybound Wealth prioritise the wellbeing of its employees, fostering a supportive work environment that encouraged productivity and ensured staff remained focused on client needs.


Through diversification and expansion, Skybound Wealth continues to establish a holistic proposition that enhances overall stability.

Peter Gollogly, Regional Director- Europe commented:

“As Skybound continues to adapt to changing market dynamics, our strategic vision and commitment to excellence are likely to keep us at the forefront of the global financial advice space for years to come.”

From the judges:

“Top class entry showing how efficiency and effectiveness impact the business.”
“Every department contributes to a joined-up, seamless support operation with the firm’s clients always at the end of it.”

From our Paraplanning and Administrative teams who have successfully implemented in-house cutting edge technology to improve operational efficiency, to our Finance team’s initiatives to increase speed, transparency and accountability, to Compliance who have digitalised their processes to ensure audit trails and accountability is maintained, to Marketing who continue to identify and new client relationships through web campaigns and comprehensive webinar programs, to Human Resources who ensure our people are empowered to grow and succeed, all these support functions constantly strive towards the common goal of client satisfaction.

Chief Operations Officer, Husain Rangwalla said:

“Operational efficiency and a streamlined support structure are vital components of any top-tier financial advisory firm. We are delighted to see our teams recognised for their excellence, emphasising their role in Skybound’s continued success.”

From the judges:

Middle East:

“An impressive all-round programme for front-line advisers and support staff. Tied in effectively with key business objectives.”


“Shows how embedding professional development contributes to a firm’s success, ensuring staff buy-in and commitment.”


“A first-class entry. I particularly like the examples of how people have progressed in the business, showing how the programme works in real life.”

Professional development is about more than funding examinations and courses for your people. It requires dedicating resources to internal and external seminars and workshops, personal development and progression plans, and building a culture that ensures facilitates ongoing recruitment whilst also increasing retention levels of existing staff. And the fact we won this award in three jurisdictions really is testament to our commitment to our people across all areas of the business and reflects our employee turnover rate being significantly lower than the industry average.

Mike Coady said of the awards:

“Professional development is a cornerstone of success in the financial advice industry. Skybound Wealth has earned its reputation by demonstrating a commitment to professional development that is both comprehensive and best in class.”

On the future, he added:

“Whilst these awards represent a fantastic achievement, we do not intend to rest on our laurels.  2024 is set to be another year that sees Skybound Wealth continue to set the standard in terms of international financial planning.”

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