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Your free e-guide, 'Shell Defined Benefit Pension - A Guide For Members Living Overseas ' is available to download below.

Compiled by our team on international pension experts, all of whom are experienced in UK pensions, this comprehensive Shell UK Pension Review e-book is a must read if you have worked for Shell in the UK in the past.

Whether you hold a defined benefit pension and are considering a UK pension transfer, have numerous defined contribution schemes that aren’t performing as you expected, or simply want to understand how your international status can enhance your pension pots, our e-book has all the answers you need.

Its often the case that your pension may be at odds with your aspirations and by choosing to ignore this, you could be running the risk of undermining of the most valuable assets of your overall retirement strategy.

What's Included:

Download your Shell Pension Review e-book to understand:

  • How your Shell pension income is calculated
  • UK Pension Reforms
  • Your options as an international worker
  • Why providers have encouraged transfers
  • Stay or Go?  - The pros and cons of both
  • Why CETVs are so high and how they are calculated
  • Workplace Vs Personal Pensions - the pros and cons
  • If your pension is aligned with your goals
  • The three reasons to consider consolidating all your pots

Our UK Pensions Review e-book goes beyond the technical jargon and explains everything you need to secure your perfect future.

  • How much tax will you pay?
  • What are you on track for now?
  • What can you leave behind and how will it be taxed?
  • Can you afford the lifestyle you desire?
  • How do your other financial plans and policies integrate