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QROPS Pension Review

5 Point QROPS Checklist For Expat Workers

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What's Included
  • 5 Point Checklist For Expatriate Workers
  • Why You May Have To Postpone Your Retirement Plans
  • The New Regulations That Mean Your Adviser May No Longer Be Authorised To Manage Your QROPS
  • Why Many QROPS Suffer At The Hands Of Structured Products
  • How Do The Charges Relating To Your QROPS Compare Against Others?
  • The Toxic And Suspended Funds You Could Be Invested In
  • Your Options Moving Forward

With most defined contribution pension products being heavily reliant on the performance of stock markets, it’s only natural that the fallout from the Coronavirus Pandemic may have impacted on your future plans.

If like many international workers, you have transferred your UK private pension into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS for short), the pandemic is just the latest in a series of events that have placed more pressure on your already creaking pension pot. In this e-guide, we take a look at five key points that you need to consider to keep your retirement plans on track.