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British Expat Finance Repatriation Guide

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What's Included
  • Before You Board The Plane Home, Make Sure You Are Prepared.
  • Consequences Of Moving
  • Resident Or Non-Resident? That Is The Question
  • Issues To Consider Before You Return
  • Tying Up Loose Ends
  • Building A Portable, Flexible Investment Portfolio
  • Local Knowledge, Global Reach

Returning home after a long time overseas can be a stressful and drawn out process which requires careful planning and consideration. The right kind of advice from the right kind of adviser can ensure your journey home goes as smoothly as possible giving you the chance to focus on other matters as your repatriation becomes a reality.

For many, the process of repatriating becomes a stressful experience. With careful planning you might actually enjoy the process! Think of it as being similar to when you first began your expat adventure, just without the hassle of opening a bank account in a foreign country.