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Australian Living Abroad

As an Australian living overseas, it is likely you are in the enviable position of enjoying a higher income and paying lower taxes.

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What's Included

Download your FREE Returning To Oz e-guide and find out:

  • Why saving offshore is less taxing
  • Why you must start the plan from outside Australia
  • What the changes to the tax system mean to non-resident Australians
  • What products specifically aid Australian expats
  • What Foreign Accumulation Funds (FAF) are
  • What early settlement means
  • How to achieve greater returns on your investment as our case study shows.


If you intend to return to Australia at some point, there are some very important things you need to do before you return or you risk potentially losing thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes upon your return.

All you have to do is hold your investment for 10 years.

As international financial planning experts, we spend our time sourcing products that exist specifically to aid Australian expats who intend to repatriate at some time in the future.