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Women Like Us

Financial Advice For Women By Women

By building working and social relationships with other professional women across the world, we have created a network to share ideas, services and benefits with each other. We hold regular events around the country with guest speakers and motivational speakers from a variety of industries to ensure each occasion is different from the last.

It’s no secret that the finance industry (among masses of others) is an incredibly male-dominated field. Interestingly enough, we have also noticed that this male-heavy narrative applies to clientele as well as employees. Having researched this a little further, we were interested to discover that there is no single country in this world where women invest in the same capacity as their male counterparts.

So what is important and relevant to international women, and how can WLU help?

Having taken the decision to move overseas in search of greater career prospects and an improved way of life, the thought of building new social and professional connections can be quite daunting. Our network of professional female businesswomen brings together people in similar situations in order to pass on ideas, services and benefits to one another.

Women Like Us Living Abroad

With women living longer on average than men, statistically we are more likely to end up living alone at some point in our life. Yet many women are failing to take the necessary steps with their finances.

Whilst the number of professional businesswomen continues to increase, women are still more likely to take a career break to raise a family, placing emphasis on the need for long-term financial independence.

Foreign Exchange

Many of our clients move money into different currencies and to different countries. Although it’s convenient to do this via your own bank, it’s often not the most cost-effective way. Setting up an account with a foreign exchange broker costs nothing but half an hour of your time. Once in place, currency transfer can be executed quickly and securely, and will more than likely save you money.

Investment Property

Most of our clients own a property as part of their portfolio. We work with partners who provide an end to end service from sourcing the right property for your budget to tenanting and servicing the property.

Children’s Education

A priority for all parents is building a brighter future for their children, and education is a vital part of this. However with rising education costs, it can be a heavy financial burden to bare. Their future is in your hands, which is why it is so important to plan ahead.

Regional Knowledge

Whilst our Advisers are vastly experienced in all aspects of international financial planning,  it's our knowledge of  local matters, such as the Swiss Pension 'Three Pillar' system, and the impact of Sharia Law on your families finances in the Middle East that sets us apart.

The Swiss Pillar System

All expats working in Switzerland are required to pay into the Three Pillar System. This aims to ensure an accustomed standard of living is protected into old age or in the event of illness or death.

To those new to the region, it can be quite complicated, however our financial planners will break down each pillar for you, to ensure you not only understand the ins and outs of the system, but that you are also making the most of your wealth both now and in the future.


Dying without a will in place can mean different things for different people from different cultures. It’s important to understand the impact of Sharia Law should you die in the Middle East. It may suit your circumstances and beliefs, however, if you want to choose who receives your estate when you die you need to have a will in place. GWM have partnerships with lawyers who specialize in will writing and estate planning.

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